Sunday 2 September 2018

Still Saucy at 60: The Times asks why the Carry Ons keep on getting away with it!

I stumbled across this very interesting article in the The Times online just the other day. Written to help celebrate the 60th anniversary of our beloved Carry On films, journalist Andy Plaice discusses the history and success of the Carry Ons and asks why they are still popular today.

It's most definitely worth a read and while it won't tell diehard fans anything they didn't already know, it does feature comments from the legendary Bernard Cribbins, the writer John Antrobus (who submitted an original script for Sergeant way back in 1958) and most interestingly of all, Rita Hudis, widow of the late Norman who scripted the first six Carry Ons. It seems Rita has a few choice words to say about Norman's experience of working on the Carry Ons and for producer Peter Rogers!

Cribbins recalls working with the colourful Kenneth Williams and Charles Hawtrey and claims Williams was so complex with "this great facade" which meant he never really got to know anything about him, which is such a shame. Bernard is very down to earth about his reasons for working on the films, claiming that although the money might not have been great, it was quick and if you weren't working, you wouldn't say no to it. And of course he loved the fun of it all.

Apparently, the article goes on to tell us, the Carry Ons will feature as part of the British Film Institute's Comedy Genius Autumn Season so we'll wait to see what that involves. The piece ends with Andy Plaice's take on three of the best and three of the worst Carry Ons ever made. Always a fraught discussion, I'm not entirely sure I agree with some of his choices! Take a look yourself and see what you think!

You can read the article in full here and although The Times makes you register to view, you should be able to read for free.

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