Thursday 6 September 2018

Liz Fraser has died

It has been a dreadful week already with the sad deaths of both Carole Shelley and Jacqueline Pearce. It has now emerged that the legend of countless classic British films, the great Liz Fraser, has passed away at the age of 88.

Liz was such a force of nature I couldn't really imagine this day coming. I saw her in conversation with Robert Ross at the Museum of Comedy only the other month and she was in amazingly entertaining form. I even got to exchange a few words with her afterwards and shake her hand, a moment I will now cherish. 

Liz enjoyed a long career on stage and screen which of course included roles in four Carry Ons. She played Delia King in Carry On Regardless, Glad Trimble in Cruising, Sally in Cabby and finally Sylvia Ramsden in Carry On Behind. She made so many other appearances it's hard to bring them all together here but of course there was the brilliant I'm All Right Jack, Two Way Stretch and my own personal favourite, Double Bunk.

A true original, Liz defended those she loved in the business to the very hilt. A great mate of Sid James, she was a voice for good when his memory was being attacked in the 1990s. A close and loyal friend to my own comedy heroine Joan Sims, Liz provided both emotional and practical support to dear Joan during her darkest of times. 

Liz was quite simply one of the last of a breed of talented, original, naturally funny comedy actors and her time working with the likes of Sid, Peter Sellers and Tony Hancock provided such a tangible link to the glory days of British comedy. She is quite simply irreplaceable. After many years away from our screens, Liz had recently filmed a cameo role for Midsomer Murders, which will now very sadly be shown posthumously.

Thanks for all the laughs Liz. It was one hell of a ride but we loved every minute. And we'll keep on watching you on our screens for so many more years to come.

Rest in Peace. 

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  1. I love watching her in the Carry on films still being shown. R.I.P. Joan x

  2. R.I.P. Liz. You'll be well remembered. X

  3. About 10 years ago I went to the tiny Jermyn Street Theatre in London to see Liz record a Radio 4 programme called That Reminds Me. Hard to believe she was then in her late 70s, she looked immaculate. I rather hope Radio 4 Extra repeat this programme

    1. Thanks Alan, yes it would be great to hear some of Liz's radio work again.