Monday 3 September 2018

Two Classic Carry Ons on TV this week!

You'll be pleased to know the schedulers have popped two classic Carry Ons into the televisual line up for the week ahead. So without further ado, set your videos (or whatever it is you have these days) for these two wonderful British comedy films.

Wednesday 5 September, 16.50, Film 4:

Carry On Spying (1964)

One of the most under-appreciated of all the Carry Ons (in my view) Carry On Spying was the last in the series to be shot in black and white and the first to star none other than Barbara Windsor. The black and white film makes everything look gorgeous and the film is in part a tribute to The Third Man, a classic Gerald Thomas worked on as an editor. The main subject of Spying however is a pastiche of the James Bond films. Spying was released the same year as the mega-hit Goldfinger and while both series shared Pinewood Studios, they couldn't have been more different. Brilliant performances from Barbara, Bernard Cribbins, Charles Hawtrey and Kenneth Williams in full on Snide mode. Jim Dale proves himself as a suave spy while the bickering Eric Barker and Richard Wattis provide peerless character actor support. Also look out for the gorgeous Dilys Laye in a wonderful supporting role as a glamorous double crossing spy who can't half sing a bit! Lovely stuff.

Saturday 8 September, 15.10, ITV3:

Carry On Matron (1971)

The last film in the series with a medical theme, Matron is pretty much a homage to Hattie Jacques and her wonderful character. This film, set in a maternity hospital - naturally, presents a softer, kinder Matron and Hattie looks splendid throughout. Much of the film feels like a tribute to the earlier classic Too Many Crooks, a crime caper which also stars Bernard Bresslaw and Sid James. Matron sees Sid and Bernard team up with Bill Maynard and Kenneth Cope to rob the Finisham Maternity Hospital of its stash of the pill. Mayhem ensues with Cope going undercover in drag as a student nurse. Lovely supporting turns from Joan Sims as an expectant mother and Kenneth Connor as the ever-anxious father to be. With the hospital staff including Charles Hawtrey, Terry Scott and Kenneth Williams, what could possibly go wrong?

Hope you enjoy these classic treats in the week ahead! 

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