Tuesday 6 November 2018

Carry On Cabby on Film4 this Wednesday!

I like to keep you in touch with the television companies' schedules whenever a Carry On is showing and this Wednesday Film4 are showing my favourite ever Carry On. As regular readers will know, the 1963 comedy, Carry On Cabby is my all time favourite film in the series so thank you Film4 for giving it another outing.

The first film in the series to be written by Talbot Rothwell, with music from Eric Rogers, Cabby originally wasn't a Carry On at all, down to be released as Call Me A Cab. In the early 1960s Peter Rogers Productions was still making other comedy films alongside the established Carry On series, often featuring many of their familiar faces. Cabby is a grittier, kitchen sink style comedy which marks it out as a bit different from many of the other films in the series. Shot in black and white and focussing on a marriage in crisis, Cabby provides Hattie Jacques with her best role (in my opinion at least) in the series. It was also Hattie's own personal favourites of all her fourteen Carry Ons.

Cabby features a compact cast of series favourites. Alongside Hattie, there's Sid James as her screen husband Charlie, Charles Hawtrey as Pintpot and Kenneth Connor as Ted Watson. Semi-regular Carry On actors Liz Fraser, Esma Cannon and Bill Owen also appear while Cabby also sees the series debuts of two instantly recognisable faces in Peter Gilmore and Jim Dale. Amanda Barrie also makes an eye-catching appearance as a pre-Cleo Glam Cab driver, Anthea.

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Film4 are showing Carry On Cabby on Wednesday 7 November at 5pm.

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