Thursday 29 November 2018

Watch: Harry H Corbett on Steptoe

I've been trawling through the wonderful archive clips on the BBC South Today website recently. I've blogged lovely old clips of such stars as Terry Scott, Kenneth Williams and Sid James and today we're going back to 1974 to hear from the wonderful actor, Harry H Corbett.

To a generation he was Harold Steptoe in the brilliant BBC comedy series Steptoe and Son. And of course to Carry On fans, he was Sergeant Sidney Bung in one of the best in the series, Carry On Screaming in 1966. The clip comes from way back in 1974 when a reporter spoke to Harry in his dressing room about how he came to play Harold Steptoe, why he loved the role and also, what led him to play in panto.

As always, it's fascinating to see one of our best loved comedy actors being themselves, out of character. In those far off days, actors weren't interviewed as often, there was less telly and no social media. So it's quite rare to see clips like this. Also included are some modern day comments from Harry's daughter, the actress Susannah Corbett, who talks fondly of her father. It's definitely worth a watch.

And you can watch the clip here

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