Saturday 10 November 2018

Guest Blog: Rich & Craig from Sitcom Delights!

I'm delighted to bring yet another guest blog to Carry On Blogging. Rich and Craig are behind the 'Sitcom Delights' Twitter feed and organise events celebrating the very best of classic British comedy. Rich and Craig have both written about what the Carry On films mean to them.

One way or another, "Carry On" has a daily impact on my life. It could be a friend sending me a voice recording of a line from a film which when opened if strolling along in public receive some odd looks when the likes of "I tried it once and didn't like it", "Poor Old Pratt" or "Not the Cross Voice,The Daddy Voice" come roaring out the speaker! It's always a welcome chuckle.Then it could be something completely at the other end of the spectrum, at the moment we are working with the wonderful David Kernan who played Nicholas in Carry On Abroad, David is putting the finishing touches to his autobiography and news of the release date will be coming soon.

I'm sure many will agree that one of the toughest questions a Carry On Fan can be asked is "What is your favourite Carry On Film?" It is pretty much impossible to pick one selection from that amazing franchise. 

So I'll make it easier and give you a top five ( in no particular order! )
Convenience,Abroad,Matron,Dick & Behind.

Matron has become quite special to me as I was privileged to represent the late, great Bill Maynard in the final year of his life. I had some memorable conversations with Bill regarding his time in the Carry Ons. He especially enjoyed playing poker with Sid during breaks in filming!

In "Matron" the performance of the group of crooks - Sid James, Bernard Bresslaw, Bill Maynard and Kenneth Cope is truly outstanding along with that sinister piece of music which plays in prelude to some of their scenes. One particular scene, at the table discussing Bus routes is priceless.

Bill was always baffled as to why his name wasn't on the Carry On Matron poster, especially as it was a big supporting role. Unfortunately there's probably nobody around to shed light on that.

Someone who always deserves a special mention is Peter Butterworth. Whether he had a major or minor role in the film he always stood out. The facial expressions, the body language, the delivery of his one liners and I have to single out his performance as Barnes in "Behind". It is so believable that he is an odd job man and hasn't washed in god knows when!!

There is nothing like Carry On. It has captured the hearts of generations. Here we are sixty years later and still absolutely mad about it. On that fact, you have to tip your hat to the writers and cast. We are still hooked.

Hooked so much that we head out to filming locations in the middle of nowhere. Everyone who has done this will tell you how much of a buzz it is,t o walk the same ground those legendary cast members walked. When you're there you feel the goosebumps.
I've a picture somewhere running out the gates of St Mary's Church in Hitcham, Buckinghamshire, a la "Reverend Flasher".

Bonkers? Of Course!

A huge thanks to Graeme for having us as guest bloggers. The work he does keeping the memory of Carry On alive is amazing and everyone appreciates it.

Rich @sitcomdelights 


Carry On films are like a member of the family. They have been around all of my life. I grew up watching the exploits of comedy legends such as Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Hattie Jacques, Peter Butterworth, Kenneth Connor, Joan Sims, Charles Hawtrey, Jim Dale and Barbara Windsor. 

The franchise was a brainchild of film producer Peter Rogers and he, along with director Gerald Thomas created something very special. A series of films stretching over five decades laced with double entendres, innuendo and saucy postcard humour that today are sadly frowned upon in a politically correct age we live in. However, they still have a cult following across the globe. 

As for which Carry On is my personal favourite, that has changed over the years. Carry On Camping is the one that made its mark on me as a youngster and brought home to me how much I love the films. However one has grown on me to a degree that I would now call it my favourite and that film is Carry On At Your Convenience. It upset many at the time due to it being a direct dig at the unions at a time when trade unions were at their strongest and it bombed at the box office but today it is widely regarded as one of the very best. 

My favourite Carry On moment is a close call with Peter Butterworth as Brother Belcher in Up The Khyber when he loses the plot saying 'Strawberry Mousse' as the residence is under siege in the film's fabulous finale. Also the great delivery of Kenneth Connor in Carry On Abroad as the Spanish police officer makes a gesture to which he replies dryly: 'Damned filth.'

I have now adopted that line in every day life. The Carry Ons continue to make me laugh and always will until I take my last breath. Thank you Graeme for this opportunity to share my love of this great film franchise.

Craig @sitcomdelights

A big thank you to both Rich and Craig for taking the time to write this brilliant guest blog for me. If you would like to have a go, please do get in touch via Twitter or by emailing me at 

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