Friday 3 June 2016

Carry On Blogging Interview: Angela Douglas


A bit of a first now for Carry On Blogging. After over a year of writing blogs about my favourite series of comedy films and the teams both in front of and behind the camera, I have now plucked up the courage to contact one of the stars of the films.  
The lovely Angela Douglas has been a big hit on Twitter over the past year and regularly interacts with her fans. Angela of course starred in four Carry Ons in the 1960s - Cowboy as Annie Oakley, Screaming as Doris Mann, Follow That Camel as Lady Jane Ponsonby and finally Up The Khyber as Princess Jelhi. 
I was absolutely delighted when Angela agreed to answer my questions, both about her time making the Carry Ons and other aspects of her work.  

I originally started up my blog as a tribute to Joan Sims, an actress I rate really highly. What are your memories of working with Joan?

Joan Sims was wonderfully talented and huge fun to spend time with. But privately she was lonely and lost.

One of my other favourite comedy actors is Peter Butterworth. There is a wonderful photo of you both on the set of Up The Khyber. I think he was the backbone of so many films but never really gets the recognition he deserves. What was it like to work with Peter?

Peter Butterworth was my closest friend on the movies. We really were deeply fond of one another.


Although I love the Carry Ons, I do think think they walk a fine line with their content. Do you have any views on the way women are portrayed in these films?

Women were portrayed as stereotype characters really. It was the genre and it was the times. Take the job or leave it alone. It was all in the game called show biz! I was never treated with disrespect.

One of your earliest roles was the part of Eunice Bond in an episode of Coronation Street. I also write for a Coronation Street Blog so I'm interested in any recollections of the early days of Coronation Street?

Coronation Street? I was too young...too long ago...but I do remember Pat Phoenix being particularly kind too me...I was a relative new comer. Only 19!


And are there any roles you would still like to play?

I'd like to have played Gertrude in Hamlet and the wife in the Master Builder.

I absolutely loved your autobiography Swings and Roundabouts - it's beautifully written. Do you have plans to publish more of your writing?

Thank you for saying you enjoyed Swings. I have just written another! A novel called Josephine. Now seeking a publisher! Wish me luck as I do you. Angela.

I do indeed wish Angela all the luck in the world with her new novel and I hope we all get to read it very soon! Thanks so much to Angela once again for taking the time to answer my questions and really making my day!    

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