Monday 27 June 2016

Liz Fraser in The Professionals

This is fantastic. I love the brilliant actress Liz Fraser, she lights up the screen whenever she appears. I also have a real soft spot for the classic 1970s British television series The Professionals, so when the two meet it's glorious!

Liz appeared as a fabulously fruity character in The Professionals episode Backtrack in 1979. She plays a character on the wrong side of the law, one Margery Harper. Margery takes rather a shine to Doyle, played by Martin Shaw. Liz shares some wonderfully comedic moments with both Shaw and Lewis Collins as well as scenes with the late Michael Elphick. 

It's a hilarious performance from Liz and it makes me wish we had seen more of her in classic TV dramas like this. She seizes this role with relish and makes much more out of it than was probably ever imagined by the production company or her fellow actors!

Some lovely person has uploaded Liz's scenes from the episode onto YouTube and they are well worth a watch to see Liz being brilliant and for a healthy dose of telly nostalgia!

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