Sunday 12 June 2016

VOTE: Who should return for Carry On Doctors?


After several false starts in recent years, a brand new Carry On film is supposedly going into production later this year. The film, titled Carry On Doctors (not to be confused with the original Carry On Doctor) will start filming later this summer for a 2017 release. Not only that, it is already being heralded as the beginning of a whole new series of films. Another title, Carry On Campus, is being lined up to go into production hot on the heels of Doctors.

According to the producers, the film will be aiming to create a brand new ensemble of British comedy actors and not attempting to find the next Sid James or Kenneth Williams. Just as well really as in my opinion the entire Carry On team were one off talents and completely irreplaceable. I do like the idea of the new series allowing new comedy talent to thrive and find its niche.

I've already heard rumours that no surviving stars will be involved in the new film. I'm in two minds about this. While I think a new generation of creative people should be in charge of such a project, the film will inevitably sink or swim depending on how it is received by the Carry On films' loyal fan base. Surely if you are resurrecting the name Carry On, you must use it as an opportunity to give longstanding fans an unexpected treat. While I think new blood should carry the film, what about a few sparkling cameos would give the traditional Carry On audience something to cheer for and really get them onside. 


With that in mind and delving into Carry On fantasy land, I wanted to throw this question open to loyal Carry On fans. If you could choose, which surviving Carry On actors would you love to see appear in Carry On Doctors? I have narrowed it down to fourteen of our favourite stars and I want you to vote for who you would most like to see back to help relaunch the series. So here are my top choices:

Amanda Barrie is one of the most recognisable faces from the original series thanks to her prominent, eye-catching roles in two classic Carry Ons - as Anthea in Cabby and in the title role in Carry On Cleo. Her popularity has endured thanks to her two decades as Alma in Coronation Street. Bernard Cribbins is a national institution, beloved for his countless screen appearances and for his involvement with classic childrens' series such as Jackanory and The Wombles. He starred in Carry On Jack, Spying and Columbus. Jim Dale is a Carry On hero and the romantic lead in 11 of the films. Starring in some of the classic 1960s series entries, he is best remembered for playing bumbling handsome doctors in Carry On Doctor and Again Doctor.

Angela Douglas is a real fans' favourite having appeared in four 1960s Carry Ons - Cowboy, Screaming, Follow That Camel and Up The Khyber. Shirley Eaton was one of the original stars of the Carry Ons, most famously playing the lead in Carry On Nurse. Fenella FIelding needs no introduction thanks to her amazing performance as the Carry On vamp in the 1966 film Carry On Screaming as well as several supporting roles in the Doctor series. Liz Fraser appeared in countless classic British comedies, Carry On Regardless, Cruising, Cabby and Behind amongst them. Anita Harris made two Carry On appearances, in Follow That Camel and the original Carry On Doctor.


Carol Hawkins provided a glamorous touch to two 1970s films in the series - the classic Carry On Abroad and Behind. Julian Holloway notched up eight supporting turns in the series, including the likes of Doctor, Khyber, Camping and Henry. Valerie Leon added stunning support to six Carry Ons, most notably Up The Jungle and Girls. Jacki Piper starred in four series entries, Up The Jungle, Loving, Convenience and Matron. June Whitfield appeared in four of the films spanning the entire run, from Nurse in 1958 to Columbus in 1992. Finally, Carry On blonde bombshell Barbara Windsor appeared in nine original Carry Ons and is one the series' most high profile stars.

So now is the chance to have your say, just for fun! I'll keep the poll open for a couple of weeks, so Carry On Voting! 

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