Wednesday 1 June 2016

The A - Z of Carry On Supporting Actors: Hilda Fenemore

This is the latest in a brand new series for Carry On Blogging. It might be slightly ambitious, but I'm going to attempt to do a run through the alphabet of some of the more interesting Carry On supporting actors. One of the reasons I set up this blog was to turn the spotlight on some of the lesser known Carry On actors who nevertheless played an important role in the success of the film series. 

Today we continue with the next letter in the alphabet, F and F is for Hilda Fenemore.

Carry On films: Hilda Fenemore appeared in small roles in two early black and white Carry Ons. Her first appearance was as Mrs Rhoda Bray in Nurse in late 1958. She was the wife of snobbish Henry, memorably played by Brian Oulton. The following year Hilda returned to Pinewood for a brief cameo as a lady in need of a copper, opposite Kenneth Connor in Carry On Constable. 

Also appeared in: Fenemore spent a lifetime in supporting roles in the very best of British film and television. She usually played small roles, those of neighbours, friends and passers by. Her films included Chance of A Lifetime (1950), Feet of Clay (1960) and Absolution (1978). On television she could be seen in the likes of No Hiding Place, Dad's Army, Goodnight Sweetheart and The Duchess of Duke Street.

Best known for: Hilda Fenemore was probably best known for her long running role as Jennie Wren in the classic television police series Dixon of Dock Green. She played the part for five years from 1960. Hilda also had recurring roles as Mrs Duffy in The Fenn Street Gang and as a cleaner in the BBC comedy Are You Being Served?

Did you know: One of Hilda's most prominent roles was as Gladys, the matriarch in The Wind of Change in 1961. This was one of the first British films to tackle the issue of race relations. 


Although making her last screen appearances in the early 1990s, Hilda continued with radio voiceover work right up until her death.

What are they up to now: Sadly Hilda Fenemore passed away at the grand old age of 89 in April 2004. 

Stay tuned for the next entry in my A - Z of Carry On Supporting Actors! 

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