Tuesday 1 November 2016

Get in Touch!


You may have noticed a couple of slight stylistic changes to the blog over the past few days. I have been indulging in some blog experimentation (Matron!) Being a complete novice and a technological dimwit, it has taken me some time to realise I can add extra features to my blog.

So without further ado, let me draw your attention to a couple of new features! You can now see my Carry On Blogging Twitter feed live on the blog itself, on the right hand side. This will update automatically every time I tweet (and I do tweet a lot!) So keep your eyes peeled when you're having a read to see what I'm up to.

Also, I have added a new "Get in Touch" form to the top left of the blog, above the list of archived blog posts. Anything you send from there (please keep it relatively clean!) will come straight to my email and I'll be able to get right back to you. So if you want to comment on anything I've written, make suggestions for future posts or ask about submitting your own guest blog, please use the contact form. Happy to receive all feedback and any comments on all things Carry On, so do use it. You can also stlll email me directly at CarryOnFan15@gmail.com

So Carry On, you know it makes sense!

You can follow me on Twitter @CarryOnJoan and also on Facebook

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