Friday 11 November 2016

The A - Z of Carry On Supporting Actors - Wanda Ventham

This is the latest in a brand new series for Carry On Blogging. It might be slightly ambitious, but I'm going to attempt to do a run through the alphabet of some of the more interesting Carry On supporting actors. One of the reasons I set up this blog was to turn the spotlight on some of the lesser known Carry On actors who nevertheless played an important role in the success of the film series. 

Today we continue with the next letter in the alphabet, V and V is for Wanda Ventham.

Carry On films: Wanda played "Pretty Bider" in the auction scenes in Carry On Cleo and later returned for the small role of the Khasi's first wife in Carry On Up The Khyber. 

Also appeared in: Played the character of Dot Franklin in the Rogers and Thomas comedy crime caper The Big Job in 1965. The film featured a Carry On cast of Sid James, Joan Sims, Jim Dale and Lance Percival. 

Best known for: Decades of adding glamorous support to a wide range of classic British film and television ranging from roles in The Sweeney, The Fenn Street Gang and Executive Stress to The Saint, The Two Ronnies and The Gentle Touch. Perhaps best remembered for her role as Col. Virginia Lake in the Seventies sci-fi series UFO.

Did you know: Wanda still acts today but her career perhaps takes second place to her real life role as Benedict Cumberbatch's mother! Wanda and her husband Tim Carlton recently played the parents of Sherlock Holmes in the BBC's adaptation of Sherlock, with Cumberbatch in the title role.

What are they up to now: Wanda is still acting at the age of 81. Her most recent appearances include roles in the aforementioned Sherlock, Holby City and teaming up with fellow Carry On alumni June Whitfield in the Absolutely Fabulous film released earlier this year.

Stay tuned for the next entry in my A - Z of Carry On Supporting Actors! 

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