Wednesday 23 November 2016

My Favourite Carry On Photos: Carry On Abroad


This is part of a new series of blogs looking back at some of my favourite photos from the Carry On archive. I plan to blog some of the photos from the Carry On films and of their stars that mean the most to me and why I love them so much. As simple as that!

Today I'm back at one of my favourite Carry Ons, Carry On Abroad. Released in 1972, it featured the main gang all together again for the last time. It was Charles Hawtrey's last film with the team and the films that followed suffered from his absence. Abroad sees a ramshackle bunch of British eccentrics fly off for a four day package holiday to the dreadful Spanish island of Elsbells! Of course all goes less than swimmingly but it's a well observed, quick paced farce and I love it.

The picture above only surfaced in the past couple of years but it's a beautiful colour shot of Barbara Windsor and Kenneth Williams on location in their costumes as holidaymaker Sadie Tomkins and Wundatours courier Stuart Farquhar! This being a Carry On, the glamorous location is Slough high street, but nevertheless it's a joy and the chemistry and off screen friendship between Windsor and Williams is clear to see. They always reveled in each other's company and often behaved like a couple of naughty school children!

The scene they were preparing to film sees the holidaymakers all assemble for the first time for the coach trip to the airport at the start of the holiday. It's a classic scene and one I can watch again and again - it's the Carry Ons at their very best.

Stay tuned for more of my favourite Carry On images coming up soon!

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