Tuesday 1 November 2016

What A Carve Up on BBC Radio 4 Extra!


BBC Radio 4 Extra are broadcasting yet another fantastic series at the moment. The series What A Carve Up was originally broadcast back in 2005 and pays homage to one of my favourite British comedy films from the 1960s - the wonderful Sid James vehicle What A Carve Up!

1991: After a chance meeting on a train, novelist, Michael Pearce is commissioned to write the family history of the powerful, wealthy and ruthless Winshaw family. 
But whenever he feels stressed, Pearce turns again and again to view a clip of his favourite film, What A Carve Up! 
Robert Bathurst stars in Jonathan Coe's wickedly funny, black comedy, inspired by the immorality, greed, corruption and ambition of 1980s Britain - adapted by David Nobbs (The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin). 
Coe's cult 1994 fictional novel was inspired after he watched the old British comedy horror film, What A Carve Up! (1961) starring Sid James, Kenneth Connor and Shirley Eaton. Coe opted to borrow both the film's title and the theme of a family -- as a way of exposing foul play in the British Establishment - and the excesses and evils of all aspects of Thatcherite Britain during the 80s and early 90s. 
Michael ...... Robert Bathurst
Fiona ...... Fiona Allen
Hortensia/Tabitha ...... Flaminia Cinque
Mortimer ...... Charlie Higson
Alice ...... Lucy Punch
Pyles ...... Jeff Rawle
Michael's Mum ...... Geraldine McNulty
Lawrence/Waiter ...... Gus Brown

Producer: Lucy Armitage

Made by Tiger Aspect Productions for BBC Radio 4 and first broadcast in 2005.

What A Carve Up! started its run on Saturday at 22.30 on BBC Radio 4 Extra. You can find out more and listen again here

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