Tuesday 22 November 2016

Carry On Blogging Fan Interview: Adam Endacott


In the latest of my Carry On fan interviews I caught up with the lovely Adam Endacott. Adam is currently researching for a book he is writing on his comedy hero, Kenneth Williams. So Carry On Reading for more on his love of Kenneth and the Carry Ons...

Can you remember the first time you ever saw a Carry On film and which film was it?

Good question! My Mum remembers me watching Cowboy when I was about 4 in 1986 and can you believe I didn't like Kenneth Williams in it apparently!! Very odd. I think it has to be At Your Convenience though in 1988 - I excitedly phoned my Nan when it was on the TV as she had a video recorder and we didn't!

You are obviously a massive fan of the films. What is it about them that you love so much?

What gives you that impression? Ha ha! I think it's the company of actors, easy narratives and the great sense of fun. They are easy to watch and it's typically 90mins of escapism. 


Do you prefer the black and white charm of the early Carry Ons or the full on saucy colour films of the Seventies? And why...

For me, they come into their own from Cruising onwards - the first ones are watchable but for me there is something missing. I much prefer Talbot Rothwell's work and I think it's because his humour mirrors mine. The greatest b&w one is Spying - pure brilliance.

Do you think the likes of Carry On England Emmannuelle went too far from the traditional Carry On brand?

My least favourite is England - having said that perhaps I should try watching it again! Now, I like Emmannuelle - yes, it's no masterpiece but it is watchable and the old guard make the film. I pestered the Carry On Office for when it would be released on VHS! I digress, I think they pushed the boundary a bit too far with tits and bums but it's of its time with the Confession films and how Britain was at that time between 1976-78. 


Are you fan of any of the other comedy films Rogers and Thomas produced at the time? If so, what are your favourites?

Yes, they all have a charm and fun about them - it's like the Thomas and Box films. A familiar cast, easy plot and just good fun to watch. I think it has to be Twice Round the Daffodils and Raising the Wind - both have Kenneth in I know!

Why do you think the Carry Ons are still so universally popular in 2016?

They're a stable part of our lives and good entertainment stands the test of time. Just look at their contemporaries such as Dad's Army and others. They are all so readily available now that you can watch them at any time and by anyone. Let's hope they continue to 'carry on' in that way!

Do you have any Carry On memorabilia or signed photos?

Yes - a fair few! I've got a collection ranging from lobby cards and press books through to clothing and toy cars! I was fortunate to collect autographs from 1988 onwards so I treasure my Carry On ones. 


I set up my blog as a tribute to the late great Joan Sims. Were you a fan of Joan and if so, what are your thoughts on her career?
Very much so - a versatile and lovable lady. She could make you laugh one moment and be serious the next - her pathos and timing was impeccable. I grew up watching her in Simon & The Witch also so she's always been in my life. Her career was remarkable and covered pretty much everything! So sad when she was strangled by the clothes line in a Miss Marple, delighted when she said 'Just the one' in On the Up, stole the scene in 'Martin Chuzzlewit' and tugged at the heart strings in 'My Good Friend' with George Cole. What a great comeback she had with The Last of the Blonde Bombshells. An amazing talent and should have been recognised more in my opinion.

Are there any Carry On actors still around today that you would love to meet? Who would they be and why?

I would like to meet June Whitfield - another favourite - to thank her for all the wonderful years of entertainment she has provided and for always being there! Someone you would like to hug!

Who do you think is the ultimate unsung hero of the Carry On films? And why do you think so?

I think it's Dilys Laye - she was always underlooked in my opinion and yet she made significant appearances in core films of the series. Shame there's no 45 of 'The Magic of Love' from Spying.

As you know there are plans to relaunch the series for the 21st Century. What are your thoughts on this?

I wish they wouldn't - it needs to be laid to rest! The only good thing is that it helps keep ahead of Bond and then remain the longest running series of films. 


Who is your all-time favourite Carry On actor?

A very easy answer - Kenneth Williams! He is my hero. He always makes me laugh and made all his parts believable and the characters he played in the films individual and different. Just a look or a gesture allowed him to scene steal.

And finally, what's your favourite Carry On film of all time?

I struggle with this, but I always go back to my 8th birthday and when I received my first Carry On on video and that was Camping. Closely followed by Screaming, Spying, At Your Convenience and Abroad.

I'd like to thank Adam for taking the time to answer my questions and I wish him well with his book on Kenneth. The Kenneth Williams Companion is due for publication in 2017/18. You can follow Adam and find out more about his project on Twitter here

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  1. It's great to see another fan that loves the Carry Ons as much as me.