Monday 7 August 2017

Barbara's Classic Carry On Moments


Despite only making nine original Carry On films, I think it's safe to say that many of the iconic moments from the series that live long in the nation's psyche feature one Dame Barbara Windsor. Here are some of the most popular.

To begin with, who can forget Barbara tottering about outside Maidenhead Town Hall in her nurses outfit in Carry On Doctor? Barbara's timeless charm coupled with the comedic reactions of Peter Gilmore, Harry Locke and Jim Dale, not to mention Eric Rogers' excellent musical score, makes this a Carry On moment to treasure:

Carry On Abroad will always be one of my very favourite films in the series. The gang is nearly all present for what would be the last truly magical Carry On adventure. And Barbara is at the heart of the action as saucy holidaymaker Sadie Tomkins, seen here indulging in some classic Talbot Rothwell innuendo with none other than Mr Sidney James:

Next up, probably Barbara's most notorious Carry On scene. In 1973 the gang made their beauty contest comedy Carry On Girls and front and centre were two glamorous actresses in Barbara Windsor and Maggie Nolan. Cue a funpacked scene in a hotel lobby featuring Babs, Maggie and a temperamental donkey. What could possibly go wrong?

Being Barbara's special birthday I had to feature a clip from her favourite Carry On. In 1970 the Carry On series celebrated its 21st picture with this rather lavish-looking production. In Carry On Henry, Babs played Bettina, who catches King Henry's eye at court, much to the displeasure of his new French wife, Queen Marie:

And finally, last but not least. I can't possibly blog about Barbara's best bits without popping out her infamous bikini flying sequence from 1968's Carry On Camping. I'm sure the nation could recite the dialogue from this scene in unison by now:

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