Friday 25 August 2017

Carry On Blogging takes a Summer Break

I'm going to be taking a break from blogging commitments for the next couple of weeks as I take a well-earned holiday. So no blog posts until the middle of September.

Please do keep tweeting me and contacting me via Facebook or over on Instagram though as I love hearing from all my fellow Carry On fans out there! You really do make me want to Carry On Blogging! I'll be checking in now and again while I'm away so expect a few retweets and photos as and when.

When I return there's plenty more to look forward to. I'll be continuing with my new regular feature focussing on the five inspirational figures of some of my favourite blogging colleagues and friends I've met through the blog. I'll also be continuing to profile some of my favourite British comedy films to feature familiar Carry On faces and hopefully one or two more interviews too.

One of my next big projects will be blogging profiles of all seventeen of Kenneth Connor's Carry On roles. I've long been a fan of Kenneth's and I feel he doesn't really receive the coverage he deserves. So, with his centenary approaching next summer, I think it's time to pay tribute.

So keep a look out for all that and in the meantime, Carry On!  

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