Wednesday 3 January 2018

Amanda Barrie joins Celebrity Big Brother

So the rumours were true. The actress Amanda Barrie has entered the Big Brother house. She joins a group of other women as the Channel 5 show presents an all female line up 100 years since women got the vote in the UK. Now I confess to knowing absolutely nothing about Big Brother, I've never even watched the programme and I generally take a dim view of reality television.

I love Amanda though and I've always followed her career with interest. From her Carry On appearances in the 1960s through twenty years on and off as Alma in Coronation Street, Amanda has proven herself a hugely talented actress and a vibrant personality both on screen and off. The past year has seen the 82 year old busier than ever with appearances in the BBC 1 travel series, The Real Marigold Hotel, the medical drama Holby City, an online series called Bar Mitzvah and a new feature film called Together. She even took time to talk to me for this very blog!

I can't say I'll be watching this series of Celebrity Big Brother. Even though Amanda is great, it's not my kind of show. I am certain she'll be a class act, as funny, genuine and brilliant as she always is. I just hope the show, her fellow contestants (whoever they are) and most of all, the editor, is kind to our favourite Queen of the Nile.

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