Thursday 11 January 2018

What a 60th Carry On!

The first of what I hope will be many special events celebrating 60 years of Carry On has been announced. The Whippit Inn group are organising what looks to be a fantastic event this May in London. With the location of the event yet to be confirmed, we do have news on the first two very special guests.

Fan favourites Jacki Piper and Richard O'Callaghan will be attending on Sunday 13th May with more guests to be announced. Jacki and Richard worked together in both Carry On Loving and Carry On At Your Convenience, as part of the influx of younger actors to broaden the appeal of the series as it entered the 1970s. Richard played Bertie Muffet in Loving and Lewis Boggs in Convenience. 

Jacki Piper made her debut in Carry On Up The Jungle in 1969, playing Joan Sims's maid June. The only actor even to be sign a long-term contract to appear in Carry Ons, Jacki returned to play Sally Martin in Loving, Myrtle Plummer in Convenience and finally, Sister in Carry On Matron. I've had the good fortune to meet and interview Jacki and she's a lovely lady. You can read more on that here: Carry On Blogging Interview - Jacki Piper

I will bring you more information on this event, future guests and where it will be taking place in due course!

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