Tuesday 16 January 2018

Carol Hawkins, Pop Star?

Now here's a thing. The internet has struck again and I've stumbled on this little curio from way back in 1973. Produced by John Worth, this record entitled "Listen" appears to have been made by none other than Carol Hawkins.

Is that the Carol Hawkins? She of Please Sir! and Carry On fame? Well I have no confirmation of that and have never heard Carol mention releasing a record in any of the interviews she's ever given. 1973 would have seen Carol at the height of her success with the release of big cinema hits such as Please Sir!, Bless This House and Carry On Abroad while on the small screen she had been appearing as Sharon in The Fenn Street Gang. 

On further investigation, the actual single is available to hear on YouTube, so you can check that out for yourself to see what you think. The person who has uploaded it to the net certainly seems to think it is Carol, and that she recorded in the July of '73.

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  1. Loved her in Carry On Abroad. She played her part so well.