Tuesday 2 January 2018

Carry On Blogging in 2018

2018 is another important year in the history of all things Carry On. There are quite a few important milestones this year and I intend to mark all of them, the diligent blogger that I am. I love a good anniversary - my mind is geared towards remembering birthdays and anniversaries so it seems so I'll put that to good use here over the next twelve months.

As I touched on last year, 2018 marks the 60th anniversary of the release of the very first Carry On film, Carry On Sergeant. Sergeant was actually released in cinemas on 1 August 1958 with the second film in the series, Carry On Nurse, going into production later the same year. I intend to mark this major milestone by blogging a fair bit about both these original Norman Hudis classics and the stars which helped to get the series off the ground. 

2018 also marks fifty years since probably the most successful year in Carry On history, 1968. Two films were made that year and both of them became classics, soaring to the top of the charts and dominating our cinema viewing habits well into 1969. Those films are Up The Khyber and Camping, still hugely popular today. And moving forward further still, this year marks forty years since the last film of the original run, Carry On Emmannuelle, went into production. I will feature some blogs on that particular moment in time too.

As I've also already blogged, 2018 is Kenneth Connor's centenary year. Born in June 1918, Kenneth would be an unbelievable 100 years old this year. I've started blogging about each of Kenneth's Carry On roles and will continue to do so up until his official centenary. Hopefully there will be plenty more on that too. This year also marks several sad anniversaries. April this year will be thirty years since our beloved Kenneth Williams passed away and October will be thirty years since we lost the wonderful Charles Hawtrey. June will mark 25 years since the death of that gentle giant, Bernard Bresslaw, while November will also mark 25 years since the deaths of both Kenneth Connor and director Gerald Thomas. I intend to mark these anniversaries with special blog posts for all.

And finally, two living legends will celebrate special birthdays later in 2018. In October the great Bill Maynard will celebrate turning 90 years young and a little over two months later, Bernard Cribbins will join him in reaching such an amazing milestone! You can expect blogging tributes to both these legends.

And last but not least, this blog will celebrate its third birthday at the end of March! So stay with me for yet another year of good old fashioned Carrying On!

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