Wednesday 31 January 2018

Amanda Barrie leaves the Big Brother house

Carry On and Coronation Street actress Amanda Barrie left the infamous Celebrity Big Brother house last night. In what turned out to be a triple eviction, Amanda was the last of three celebrities to be voted out before the final at the end of the week.

When it was announced that Amanda was appearing in this series I wished her well but admitted this form of reality television doesn't really float my boat. Despite this and purely because she was appearing, I watched Big Brother for the first time ever. I'm not sure I'd be a repeat viewer. I love Amanda though and although she must be sick of hearing this, she really does look wonderful for 82 years young!

Although I'd have loved her to win the series, I'm actually quite relieved she's been released. It looks like a fairly exhausting experience, being constantly filmed and spending time with a bunch of people you've never met before. And being at the hands of the television editor can't be much fun either. I guess Amanda knew what she was up against though and she's a tough cookie who's seen it all many times before!

Amanda's stint in the Big Brother house wasn't without controversy and while I don't want to dwell on this negative side of the experience, whatever your views, some of the abuse Amanda has received via the wonderful world of Twitter has been pretty vile. My best wishes go to both Amanda and her wonderful wife Hilary. I bet Hilary is glad to have her back and I hope they manage some time out to recover!

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