Monday 15 June 2015

Carry On Voting: The Result!

Over the past two weeks I have been posing a difficult question for you to answer. Putting it quite simply, I asked you to choose your all time favourite Carry On star. Of course it's just not as easy as that. How can you possibly pick between a team of classic comedy actors all bursting with talent and all totally unique?

I kept the choices limited to the principal ten regulars we all know and love. No room this time around for the likes of Patsy Rowlands, Jack Douglas or June Whitfield. I had no idea which actor would come out on top, but as it turned out the top three came as no real suprise to me. So without further ado...

Coming top of my poll was the wonderful Kenneth Williams! Kenneth took over 23% of the total vote. In second place came the star of 19 of the films, the legendary Sidney James with 18% of the vote. And coming up closely behind was my own personal favourite, the first lady of Carry On, Joan Sims with 17%.

Next up, in fourth place and with 8% of the vote was man of the moment Jim Dale. Coming in 5th was that legendary scene stealer Peter Butterworth with just over 6%. Sharing joint 6th position are Charles Hawtrey and Kenneth Connor.

Bringing up the rear with 3% was Hattie Jacques, 1% Bernard Bresslaw and sadly with no votes at all, Barbara Windsor.

Interestingly, supporting actress Judith Furse picked up ten votes in the "other" category! Obviously a big fan of Ms Furse out there somewhere!

So do you agree with the result?

A close run thing in the end. Of course the Carry On films are all about the team spirit, so let's not single out any one performer in particular. It was such a collaborative process and they were all superb. A big thank you to all 100 of you who took the time to vote in my poll!

Carry On! 

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