Friday 5 June 2015

My Favourite Scene: Carry On Sergeant

This is very much a matter of personal preference, but that kind of thing normally sparks an interesting debate! Rather than review each individual Carry On film, I've decided to look at the films and choose my favourite scene from each film. 

I haven't blogged a great deal about Carry On Sergeant so far so it's time to focus on the first ever Carry On for a while. Sergeant is by no means my favourite film in the series but it is crucial as the first entry and the beginnings of something incredibly special. It features a brilliant cast of classic British actors and within that cast list is the core Carry On team for years to come, namely Kenneth Williams, Kenneth Connor, Charles Hawtrey and Hattie Jacques. 

The film is very much of its time, focusing on National Service and the rather coy 1950s feel would soon be a thing of the past, both for Britain in general and also the Carry On film series. Times were changing. 

Anyway, to my favourite scene in the film. Kenneth Connor is the real star of Sergeant. His Horace Strong is a brilliant comedy character. Connor takes centre stage as the permanently nervy, weedy, hesitant recruit. His horror at the attentions of Dora Bryan's Norah is a joy to watch. He also has a wonderfully combative relationship with the Medical Officer played by Hattie Jacques. It is Hattie who eventually cures Horace of all his phobias and fears. 

The scene where Hattie escorts Connor's character to see all the medical specialists is a joy to watch. It culminates in Connor's dawning realisation that he has no problems whatsoever other than his failure to admit his feelings for Norah. It's wonderful to see Kenneth's character transform from weedy wimp to love struck hero. It's gentle comedy at its best and I love it. 

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