Monday 15 June 2015

Time for some more Carry On gongs?

You may have seen my blog post yesterday asking why on earth comedy legend June Whitfield hasn't yet been made a Dame. 

While I think the Honours system in Britain is all a bit ridiculous I do still like the idea of people being publicly rewarded for a life well lived. Nobody can suggest that June hasn't achieved a great deal in her career and done a lot of good whilst doing it. While certain other actors with Carry On connections have been given gongs for various reasons (Jim Dale, Barbara Windsor and Kenneth Connor amongst them) it is really sad that so many legends passed away without receiving that kind of recognition. 

This makes me wonder why the precious few that remain alive and well haven't received some kind of honour for their contribution to British entertainment. Bernard Cribbins is already an OBE but shouldn't he be a Sir? I also think someone like Jim Dale should receive a higher honour - he is multi talented and been successful at almost every level for as long as we can all remember.

There are so many other actors involved with the films whose talents appear to have gone unnoticed. I would dearly love to see some official recognition for the likes of Fenella Fielding, Angela Douglas, Anita Harris, Amanda Barrie, Liz Fraser, Rosalind Knight and Shirley Eaton. All brilliant actresses who have worked hard and enjoyed fantastic careers. 

So what do you think? Do you agree that some of the wonderful Carry On actors and actresses still with us in 2015 deserve official recognition? Who would you like to see on the next official Honours list?

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