Wednesday 17 June 2015

Kenneth Williams hosts Wogan

In the 1980s Kenneth Williams became king of the television chat show. He appeared regularly with the likes of Michael Parkinson, Russell Harty, Gloria Hunniford and of course, Terry Wogan.

Although Kenneth disliked these appearances and found giving more and more of himself to be increasingly painful, they provided such joy for his fans and terrific entertainment for the British public. Although most of the stories had been heard before, Kenneth's tremendous skill as a raconteur meant he was a gift whenever he appeared.

In the mid-1980s he even hosted the Wogan show while Terry was off doing other things. Although Kenneth claimed to be intensely nervous when writing about this experience in his diaries and it probably wasn't how he saw his career going, it turned out to be a great success. Thanks to some lovely soul of YouTube, we have a record of one of these shows to enjoy and the guests are very interesting!

So for your viewing pleasure, here is Kenny interviewing Michael Palin, Stephen Fry and his old mate Barbara Windsor.


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