Tuesday 16 June 2015

Willo The Wisp

Here is a blast from the past. In the 1980s Kenneth Williams' vocal talents were in great demand. Kenneth became a regular voice over artist and his frequent trips to sound recording studios in Soho and the like are often recorded in his diaries.

However while he often despaired about the television and radio adverts he was involved with (although he did take pride in being the voice of a toilet disinfectant) Kenneth also became associated with many children's programmes at this time. Who can forget his many appearances on Jackanory over the years? Somehow Kenneth formed a bond with children, possibly due to the childlike impishness that was so much of his delightful character. 

Kenneth made several series with the wonderful Jeremy Swan, including Galloping Galaxies (which I remember well!) He also of course provided the voices for Willo The Wisp in the early 1980s. This brought him acclaim from far and wide, with his diaries even recording that the famous actor James Mason had all the Wlllo records because he loved Evil Edna!

So let's take a nostalgic trip back and enjoy some classic Kenneth Williams in Willo The Wisp:

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