Saturday, 31 October 2015

Are we ready to Carry On Again?

There are reports this morning in The Independent that plans are in place to bring a new Carry On film to cinema screens in 2017. 

I was rather flabbergasted to read this today and have very mixed feelings about this plan. Although, as the Independent reports, the film has the backing of film producer Jeremy Thomas (his uncle was Gerald), Steve James, son of Sid and John Altman who apparently will write the music, I can't help feeling we should just let the idea of a new Carry On go.

Any attempt to revive the series runs the risk of churning out a Carry On Columbus for the 21st Century. Practically all the original talents have long since left us and anything in the Carry On name would have to be pretty special to live up to their wonderful contributions all those years ago.

The one positive I read in the article was that the film would feature a cast of unknown actors. After the mixed bag of Carry On actors and new wave comedians in Columbus, the new film may have a fighting chance if it introduces us to a cast of fresh faces we haven't seen before. I just don't know though, as popular as the original series of films are and although they have new generations of fans, would a completely new Carry On film in 2017 work and attract a significant audience at the box office?

So what do you think? Should there be a new Carry On film and possibly even a new series of films? Or should we just respect the memories of Sid, Kenneth, Joan and all the rest and not attempt to reignite the classic, probably never to be repeated formula?

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  1. I thinking this may be because of old fashioned success of Miranda, Mrs Brown's Boys and In between erst. 2 of which went to films. Much will depend too on success or not of new Dad's Army film next year.

    So I can see where they are coming from but I wouldn't cast all unknownsorts in something like that.

    1. Yes I agree Graeme. I'm looking forward to seeing the Dad's Army film

  2. Hmmmm....I knew this day would come. It is not impossible to make a new Carry On but a very very hard task if it is to be successful. That said, they did it with Bond? It would need a good few cameos too to satisfy the real fans as well as a new generation....

    1. They did do it with Bond but that was always much less of a shared team thing. And the main actor could always change. Agree some old faces and a bit of nostalgia would be needed in any Carryon reboot