Monday 5 October 2015

The Esma Cannon Mystery

I wrote a blog earlier in the year about that wonderful comedy character actress, Esma Cannon. Esma has long been a fan favourite and she was incredibly prolific in British film over a period of thirty years until her retirement in 1964.

While we all love her performances in the Carry On films, very little is known about Esma away from the limelight. Apart from some sparse details - we know she came from Australia,  was married, had a son, lived in North London and ended up in France - most of Esma's life remains a mystery. 

The other day I was browsing the internet and came across a photo of Esma Cannon I had not seen before. It was accompanied by a brief article in French (my French is very patchy these days but I got the general gist of it). Although it doesn't provide much extra information on Ms Cannon, it does give a fascinating glimpse at the reclusive actress very much as "herself". 

This article pretty much confirms that Esma spent her later years living in France until her death in 1972. 

You can check on the French article here and you can read my original blog on Esma here.

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