Sunday 4 October 2015

My Top Ten Carry On Films!

So I have finally reached the end of my quest to work out what my absolute favourite Carry On films of all time actually are! I really enjoyed looking at all my options, thinking through why certain films mattered to me more than others and why there are just some of the Carry Ons I could not live without!

I revealed my all time favourite yesterday and you can read about it here .

Bringing up the rear in tenth place was Carry On Behind. In ninth place came Carry On Nurse ,  the first medical film in the series. Next up was a 1960s homage to Nurse, Carry On Doctor . In seventh place came the glorious costume romp Carry On Don't Lose Your Head. And coming sixth was the classic from 1964, Carry On Cleo .

Over the half way point and at number five was that rip roaring trip to Brighton with the workers at Boggs and Son in Carry On At Your Convenience . A trip further afield (well kind of) came in at number four with Carry On Abroad . In third place was the classic Carry On Up The Khyber . And finally, in second place, just pipped by the wonderful Carry On Cabby is the glorious Hammer Horror spoof, Carry On Screaming! 

So that was my list. So what films nearly made the grade but not quite? 

There were a few I wanted to include and agonised over for a while. I have a real soft spot for Carry On Spying. I love Kenneth Williams in that film, Barbara Windsor turns in her best performance in the series and Dilys Laye makes a wonderfully sultry spy. Cowboy is also a classic, mainly due to the fantastic leading role from Sid James. Joan Sims also turns in a superb performance, looking simply stunning throughout. I also really enjoy Carry On Regardless, mainly for Joan's wine tasting scenes and also for the sheer range of wonderful comic actors who appear. It's something else. Finally, quick mentions for one or two others I particularly enjoy: Camping is a real classic but just missed out; Matron gives Hattie Jacques a wonderful title role while Carry On Loving is a real mish mash but is gloriously awful!

So I think that's about it. It's all subjective and deeply personal and over all I just love this series of films. Apart from England, Emmannuelle and Columbus, I'll happily watch them all over and over again! 

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