Monday 8 February 2016

Carry On Hero of the Week: Liz Fraser

The whole idea of this new series of blogs is to flag up specific individuals who, in my humble opinion, really made the Carry On films what they were. So many of the actors and crew turned up at Pinewood again and again, working closely over the years to produce such a fine body of work. This week it's the turn of a lady who is a real stalwart, not just of the Carry Ons, but of British comedy in general: the wonderful Liz Fraser.

Liz Fraser has a fine pedigree in classic British comedy. She appeared in four Carry On films at the height of their popularity, starred in classic films such as I'm Alright Jack, Two Way Stretch, Double Bunk and Dad's Army, made her name on television opposite the likes of Tony Hancock, Jimmy Edwards and Sid James and even survived appearing in several dubious sex comedies in the late 1970s (Adventures of a Taxi Driver anyone?)

Liz has also proved herself to be a fine dramatic actress whenever casting directors give a chance (all too rarely sadly). She was impressive in the Joan Hickson Miss Marple adaptation of Nemesis for the BBC in the 1980s and also played a cancer patient in a BBC play Eskimos Do It around the same time. A shame Liz was pigeon-holed as the blonde comedy dolly bird so early in her career as she obviously had much more to contribute. 

Apart from her long list of screen credits, I have also chosen Liz to be one of my Carry On heroes due to her wonderfully outspoken, irreverent nature. She is not one to mince her words and has been critical of the Carry On outfit on numerous occasions (particularly one Mr Peter Rogers). Her fierce loyalty to the late great Joan Sims also adds to my great affection for Liz. 

Still active on the fans circuit today, Liz makes regular appearances on radio and is interviewed frequently about her long, successful career. Sadly Ms Fraser is now amongst a dwindling few big names from that classic era of British comedy. Long may she continue.

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