Sunday 21 February 2016

Celebrating Kenneth

All next week Carry On Blogging will be celebrating the life and times of Kenneth Williams. Why next week? Well Monday 22 February marks the 90th anniversary of Kenneth's birth. Kenneth has long been a hero of mine and I have several special blogs lined up to mark the occasion.

I have been a fan of Kenneth since I was a child. Of course I've always loved the Carry On films and he was the most prolific performer to appear in the series. I also grew up listening to his wonderful voice on Willo The Wisp and Jackanory, not to mention the classic radio series Hancock's Half Hour, Just A Minute, Beyond Our Ken and Round The Horne. I also relish Kenneth's countless appearances on television chat shows. Since discovering his diaries in the late 1990s I have been hooked and often dip into them. The man is quite simply a comedy legend.

Over the course of next week I will celebrate Kenneth's life with lots of memorable clips, blogs about Kenneth in the Carry Ons, his diaries and his relationships with some of his closest friends. I hope you will all enjoy them.

I will also be announcing the results of my poll to find Kenneth's most loved Carry On performance. There is still time to vote and you can do so here .

So if you are a fan of Kenneth Williams there is plenty to stay tuned for next week! 

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