Wednesday 24 February 2016

Kenneth and Barbara on Wogan

In 1986, almost thirty years ago, Kenneth Williams guest hosted the television chat show, Wogan. One of his guests was his long-time Carry On co-star Barbara Windsor. It's classic stuff and the two of them demonstrate what great close friends they obviously were.

Kenneth is in great form in this clip and very obviously enjoying himself. Barbara is just back from a honeymoon and apart from being dressed in something akin to a toilet roll holder (well it was the 1980s) is also on good form. They discuss their times together working on the Carry Ons, including their first meeting on Spying in 1964 and the infamous scenes they shot for Carry On Camping.

They also reminisce about the time Kenneth, his sister and his mother joined Barbara on her honeymoon with her first husband Ronnie Knight. The stuff of legend!

Anyway, you can enjoy the clip below. Those were the days!

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