Tuesday 24 May 2016

Free Thinking with Jacki Piper


With thanks to DJ on Twitter for alerting me to this one. Tonight at 10pm on BBC Radio Three, broadcaster Matthew Sweet will be presenting the programme Free Thinking. 

Why is this appropriate for Carry On Blogging I hear you ask? Well, the Carry On films will be a part of the discussion. With the recent announcement that two new Carry Ons will be made over the next couple of years (holding my breath!) Matthew will be joined tonight by star of four films from the original series, the lovely Jacki Piper. 

Jacki starred in Up The Jungle, Loving, Convenience and Matron and is well placed to discuss the merits of the old films and the wonderful team of actors she worked with. It will be interesting to hear her thoughts on the proposed new films Carry On Doctors and Carry On Campus. I wonder if she would like to be a part of them? Also involved in the discussion will be film historian Graham McCann and scriptwriter David McGillivray.

It's always great to hear from Jacki so I'm sure her segment will be well worth a listen.

I met the great lady herself last Saturday and you can read about that here

You can listen to the programme here

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