Monday 9 May 2016

Remembering Joan Sims

As regular visitors to the blog will know, I'm a massive fan of the late, great Joan Sims.Out of all the Carry On team, she has always been my favourite performer. Joan would have celebrated her 86th birthday today, so I'm posting this little blog in her memory.

Joan very rarely appeared as herself during her long career. She much preferred to be in character and what wonderful characters they were! However, Joan did do several interviews late on in her career to help promote her autobiography, High Spirits. It was only then that fans really gained a glimpse into her life. 

Sadly we had to wait until after her untimely death at the age of 71 in 2001 to learn more about the comedy actress. The ITV series The Unforgettable... produced a half hour tribute to Joan in 2002. It was a fairly brusque gallop through Joan's early life, her career and friendships. It also touches on some of the troubles she faced, although the programme is generally an affectionate tribute with contributions from those close to her including best friends Norah Holland, Eleanor Fazan and Pat Clayfield.

It is repeated quite regularly by ITV but always worth a watch:

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