Tuesday 31 May 2016

From the Archive: Carry On Location Spotting!

You may remember earlier last year I published a blog remembering a trip I made some years ago to track down classic Carry On film locations. You can view that blog here. Anyway, the photos from that day were presumed lost but have since turned up so I thought another blog was in order so I could share them.

So here goes. Most of this blog will be photos as I have a lot to share!

Let's start off with the famous Pinewood Studios main entrance. We saw it recently in the Carry On Forever documentary when Shirley Eaton returned to her second home. Although the studios now have a more modern entrance for the 21st Century, this iconic building thankfully remains.

Across the road from the old main entrance to the studios is the Pinewood Green housing estate seen in Carry On Constable, Cabby, Camping, At Your Convenience and Behind. Does this house look familiar?

Further round the estate is the cul de sac, Pinewood Close. A house in this short street was used as for the Potters' home in Carry On Camping. It was used again as the house owned by Bernard Bresslaw and Patsy Rowlands in Behind and finally it appeared in Carry On Emmannuelle.

Lunch was had at The Jolly Woodman pub out in rural Buckinghamshire. The pub was featured in both Genevieve (one of my favourite films) and of course, Carry On Dick in 1974.

Next up was a visit to Maidenhead to find the town hall, which featured prominently in Carry On Doctor, Again Doctor and Behind. 

Then we moved on to the village of Denham. Two photos from here, the first is the local church used to film the end of Carry On Matron when Kenneth Williams and Hattie Jacques were married. 

And remember this shot? Bill Maynard and Bernard Bresslaw made a quick getaway following the announcement of Sid's next big idea...

Finally, a couple of very special blue plaques commemorating two wonderful British comedy stars. Here is Frankie Howerd's home in Kensington:

And best of all, Joan Sims' from her flat in Kensington Square, just off High Street Kensington:

I hope you've enjoyed my trip down memory lane. If you have any photos from Carry On filming locations you'd like to share feel free to do so via Twitter or Facebook.

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