Tuesday 9 August 2016

Amanda Barrie on Coming Out and Carrying On!


Yesterday I tweeted round an interview with Amanda Barrie in The Daily Mirror in which the Coronation Street and Carry On legend discussed her career and personal life. I'm a big fan of Amanda and it's always a joy to hear from her.

Amanda speaks of coming out in her sixties and marrying her long term partner Hilary Bonner at the age of 79 in 2014. The article also hints of Amanda's return to the hit ITV comedy series Benidorm in which she plays a character called Psychic Sue opposite her close friend and Corrie colleague Sherrie Hewson.

She also mentions her famous role as Cleopatra in Carry On Cleo. Apparently this role, together with her 13 year stint in Corrie, is what Amanda is best remembered for these days. I love that she has since watched the film and actually quite enjoyed it! 

I love Amanda's attitude to life - the article sees the actress being very frank about growing older but not letting age hold her back. She also says she still has dreams about being Coronation Street! Her character in Corrie, Alma Baldwin, was always one of my favourites and I wish she was still behind that cafe counter in Weatherfield today! 

Even if we'll never see her back at Corrie, let's hope Amanda keeps us entertained for many more years to come. And for Corrie fans, here's a reminder of Alma back in the day, showing devious Mike Baldwin the door:

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