Sunday 21 August 2016

Spitfire Tribute for Hatties's Dad


I tweeted this story round yesterday but I thought it was worth a blog post of its own. The Grantham Journal carried a story on Friday about a special commemoration for the father of comedy heroine Hattie Jacques. RAF pilot Robin Jaques (Hattie changed her surname when she became an actress) died in an aircraft accident in the local area in August 1923, only a year after Hattie was born.

The Lincolnshire Family History Society organised a flypast and Robin's grandson was present. Robin's grave had been unmarked until arrangements were made to erect a headstone last year. A service of dedicated was also held. Hattie's father had previously served in the First World War.

I knew that Hattie's brother was also called Robin, however the article also reveals that he was a successful illustrator, having his work published in several novels and children's stories. 

You can read the full article on The Grantham Journal website.

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