Wednesday 10 August 2016

The A - Z of Carry On Supporting Actors: Michael Nightingale

This is the latest in a brand new series for Carry On Blogging. It might be slightly ambitious, but I'm going to attempt to do a run through the alphabet of some of the more interesting Carry On supporting actors. One of the reasons I set up this blog was to turn the spotlight on some of the lesser known Carry On actors who nevertheless played an important role in the success of the film series. 

Today we continue with the next letter in the alphabet, N and N is for Michael Nightingale.

Carry On films: Michael Nightingale appeared in the following Carry Ons, spanning almost the entire duration of the series: Wine Tasting Patron in Carry On Regardless, Taxi customer in Cabby, Town Crier in Jack, Citizen in Cleo, Bank Clerk in Cowboy, "What Locket" party guest in Don't Lose Your Head, Nightingale in Follow That Camel, Cinema Patron in Camping, Pearson in Matron, Tube passenger in Girls, Squire Trelawney in Dick, an officer in England and finally the Police Commissioner in Emmannuelle.

Also appeared in:  Other work for Rogers and Thomas included the films Watch Your Stern, Raising The Wind and Bless This House as well as two episodes of Carry On Laughing on television in 1975.

Michael appeared in many other productions including small roles in the likes of Ice Cold in Alex (1958), Sky West and Crooked (1966), The Raging Moon (1971) and The Return of the Pink Panther (1975). On television he appeared in the likes of Taxi!, The Persuaders, Churchill's People, Raffles and Victoria Wood: As Seen On TV.

Best known for: appearing in more Carry On films than any other small part supporting player.

Did you know: Although only ever appearing in very brief cameo roles, Michael Nightingale still notched up thirteen appearances in the Carry On series. That's more roles than series regulars Barbara Windsor and Jim Dale! 


What are they up to now: Sadly Michael passed away at the age of 76 in May 1999.

Stay tuned for the next entry in my A - Z of Carry On Supporting Actors! 

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