Sunday 30 October 2016

Carry On Blogging Interview: Anita Harris

I recently had the great pleasure to catch up with that lovely lady and all round acting and singing star, Anita Harris. Anita, still busy in the profession today, took some time out to answer my questions about her time with the Carry On team in the 1960s. So Carry On Reading to find out more...

I loved your performance as Cork Tip in Carry On Follow That Camel. How did you prepare to play that character?
I did 6 weeks of belly dance training!

What was it like to make films at the legendary Pinewood Studios? Do you have particular memories of this experience?
Absolutely magical - to be at the home of Bond and so many other great British productions. The atmosphere was fabulous!

You worked quite closely with Jim Dale in both your Carry Ons. I thought you had great chemistry - did you enjoy working with him?
I loved working with him, he was a true pro and a delight.

My own favourite member of the Carry On team was Joan Sims. What was it like to work with her?
Working with Joan and Barbara was like having sisters in the camp.


They made Carry On films for a further ten years following your last film with the team. Would you have liked to have made more Carry On movies?
Very much so, I loved being a part of the team.

It was great to see you participate in the 2015 documentary, Carry On Forever. Was that an enjoyable experience?
It was remarkable to go back to Camber Sands and taste the memories.

Possibly a bit cheeky, but who was your own favourite member of the Carry On team?
The camel who didn't like sand! Seriously, to this day I feel proud to have been a part of that unique family - so many were favourites.


I believe you worked with Frankie Howerd away from the Carry Ons, what was he like to work with? 
He was a strong influence and it's thanks to working with him in 'Way Out in Piccadilly' at The Prince of Wales Theatre that I got invited to be a part of the Carry On team. One night Peter Rogers and Gerald Thomas came to the show to see him, and then asked me if I wanted to be in their next film. What could I say?

You obviously still enjoy working in front of a live audience. Can you tell me more about your touring commitments these days?
I am just finishing a tour with the play Rehearsal for Murder, then will go straight into panto. Next year I shall again be touring my own show and also making guest appearances with a range of other theatre shows.


You appeared in pantomime at Portsmouth last Christmas, which I wrote about in my blog - Will we see you in panto again this year?
Absolutely - in Cinderella at The Princess Theatre, Torquay as The Baroness.

Are there any plans to write your autobiography?
Very much so, I am currently working on it whenever I have some free time.

I'd like to thank Anita for taking time out for this Carry On Blogging interview and also thanks to Peter Gill for helping to arrange it. You can find out more about what Anita is up to these days, including her touring schedule, on her website

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