Thursday 6 October 2016

The A - Z of Carry On Supporting Actors: Yutte Stensgaard


This is the latest in a brand new series for Carry On Blogging. It might be slightly ambitious, but I'm going to attempt to do a run through the alphabet of some of the more interesting Carry On supporting actors. One of the reasons I set up this blog was to turn the spotlight on some of the lesser known Carry On actors who nevertheless played an important role in the success of the film series. 

Today we continue with the next letter in the alphabet, S and S is for Yutte Stensgaard.

Carry On films: Yutte Stensgaard first appeared as a Trolley Nurse in Carry On Again Doctor in 1969. She can be seen during the sequences when Jim Dale's Dr Nookey causes chaos in the hospital. Yutte returned to Carry On the following year to play Mrs Roxby in Carry On Loving. Sadly her scenes, also involving Dad's Army star James Beck, were cut from the final film. Yutte made one final uncredited appearance in a Carry On but you'll need to keep your eyes peeled for this one. In 1971's Carry On Matron, Yutte's photo can be seen on Dr Prodd's bedroom wall!

Also appeared in: Yutte also played Eve in the last of the Doctor comedies, Doctor in Trouble, for producer Betty Box and director Ralph Thomas in 1970. 


Best known for: Yutte is probably best remembered for her role as Carmilla in the cult 1969 horror film Lust for a Vampire. She also popped up in several classic comedies of the day including On the Buses and Doctor in the House as well as series such as Jason King and The Persuaders.

Did you know: Yutte auditioned for the role of Doctor Who companion Jo Grant, to play opposite the third Doctor, Jon Pertwee. Katy Manning went on to play Jo. Yutte was also a hostess on the 1970s game show The Golden Shot, hosted by Carry On Sergeant star Bob Monkhouse.

What are they up to now: Yutte retired from acting in 1972 and moved to the United States. For many years she hosted her own radio show but only in more recent times has she spoken of her time as an actress. These days she can occasionally be seen appearing at horror film fan conventions. 


Stay tuned for the next entry in my A - Z of Carry On Supporting Actors! 

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