Sunday 16 October 2016

Carry On Blogging's 1K Week!


I'm quite proud of the fact I'm nearing the 1000 blog milestone although it does confirm earlier suspicions that I'm a complete Carry On geek. Having slaved away over a hot keyboard for so many hours, I thought I should celebrate reaching the big one with some special blog posts. So here is what you can expect this week...

I have been compiling quotes from the great and the good on what Carry On films mean to them. I have received some cracking responses - at once both thoughtful and entertaining - and I'll be posting these comments over a series of three different blogs this week. You can expect a heady mix of superfans, writers, actors and Carry On stars themselves so stay tuned for these posts.

I will also be blogging a fantastic guest blog from Dr Laura Mayne, who is part of an Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project at the University of York, looking at the very best of Sixties culture in Britain. Laura has written a super blog on two of the unsung heroes of Carry On - producer Peter Rogers and scriptwriter Talbot Rothwell. It's such a great blog I wanted it to form part of this 1K week.

I also plan to blog my recent interview with the lovely Sally Geeson. Sally of course starred in Bless This House as Sid James' daughter and also appeared in Carry On Regardless (as a child actor), Abroad and Girls. It was a thrill to interview her and she's such a fan favourite I want that blog to take centre stage this week too.

Finally, there will also be my 1000th blog post. I've written it more as a thank you to everyone who has helped me with the blog, as contributors, interviewees or followers on Twitter and Facebook. I hope you like it.


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