Wednesday 19 October 2016

What Carry On Means To Me - Part 2


For the past few weeks I have been collecting comments and quotes from a wide variety of people who all love the Carry On films and who all, in some way or another, are connected to Carry On Blogging. As part of my week to celebrate 1000 blogs, I've collated these lovely comments together into three blog posts of which this is the very first. 

Each post features a range of blog contributors, whether they be fans, authors, actors who appeared in the films or actors who just love the films. I hope you enjoy reading them.

"I love being part of the Carry On history. My favourite Carry On is Carry On Nurse, and my favourite scene is The laughing gas scene in the operating theatre. My favourite on screen actor from the Carry On's is Charles Hawtrey and I remember Sid's laid back, relaxed and humorous personality created a happy atmosphere for all the cast and crew."
Sally Geeson, Actress

Endless TV reruns of the Carry On films are intertwined with my memories of childhood. When I was youngling growing up north of the border, they seemed to conjure all the habits of a particular kind of era; and of a particular kind of Britishness. Then, as a history/literature student, the ITV screenings continued but I started to see them more in the context of their comic ancestry - in the music hall and the seaside postcard. Sure, they were lowbrow, but they had a kind of charm, and they seemed to me to be among the last examples of a dying comic tradition.”

Dr Laura Mayne, AHRC funded Transformation and Tradition in Sixties British Cinema project, University of York

"Recently the Carry Ons have meant to me ... Carry On Working! As I have been involved in interviews, conventions and now give talks on the subject. My latest " Forever Carrying On " is back on Sunday November 13th at Jermyn Street Theatre at 5pm"

Valerie Leon, Actress

"It is difficult for me to express how important the Carry On Films are to me as they mean a great deal to me. However I do think and feel that the Carry On films are a national institution and I shall always be grateful for the fact that these films were created. 

It is also difficult for me to express how important the Carry On Cast are to me (Joan Hickson and Hattie Jacques especially) but I shall always treasure their performances as they all brought something to the films, something I feel is irreplaceable and they shall never be forgotten!"
Louise, Joan Hickson Fans
"I have such happy memories of Carry On films as a kid, watching them where they were meant to be seen - down at the local cinema! What be better than catching Sid, Hattie, Kenneth and Co on the big screen down at the Odeon, ABC or Granada!"
Peter Reed, Senior Producer, BBC Radio 4 Extra

"There's something ever so enchanting about the Carry Ons for me - and they represent something truly unique and special. The humour is so delightfully bawdy and unmistakably British, it's hard not to adore even the most corny of jokes! Despite being born after the series finished (minus the '92 film) they were such an important part of my childhood, I really feel that I did grow up with them. There's always a slight sense of sadness that it seems deeply unlikely that we would be ever able to recreate anything that comes close to capturing the spirit and humour displayed in these glorious films ever again. "Miss Plunket you are squashing my Itinerary!"
Christopher D Lewis, Harpsichordist and Carry On Fan

"For me Carry On films bring back extremely happy nostalgic memories of my childhood. They particularly remind me of how I first fell in love with British cinema when I was a kid. They made me laugh back then because they seemed like innocent fun; they make me laugh now because I know how rude they really are!"

Simon Sheridan, Writer  


"What the Carry On films mean to me? Well, they've always been a part of my life and I've loved them since the age of 5! Though I've never really thought about the impact they've made on my life, although I'm known to be full of innuendo and friends blame it on the Carry Ons! They've always made me laugh, feel safe and brighten up any day - whether it be listening to the theme music, watching a film or just looking at photos. Each Carry On has a particular memory for me - especially Camping as that was my first on video I had for my 8th birthday and immediately watched it. I'll never tire of them though my friends and family are probably fed up of seeing and hearing about them! They are a part of me and I'm very proud to be a fan."
Adam Endacott, Writer and Fan

"My memories of the time I spent as part of the Carry On team are of complete happiness and laughter! None of us ever expected the films to have such a long life! Extraordinary really. Long may it continue to be so!"
Angela Douglas, Actor

"The Carry On films are a ray of light in an all too often dark world. Joyous escapism that reminders us life shouldn't be taken too seriously."
Ben Peyton, Actor and Carry On Fan

"I think they are unashamedly corny, but the actors go for it and appear to enjoy the performances and revel in lines like 'Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me!' Who can fail to laugh at stuff like that? And it's also very British and has a McGill-like seaside postcard humour. It's humour history really."
David Barry, Actor and Author

Plenty more coming up in Part Three of this special series of blogs. You can read that here tomorrow! 

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