Thursday 14 December 2017

Carry On Blogging Christmas Advent: 14 December

And so, once again December is upon us. This will be my third Christmas at the helm of Carry On Blogging so I wanted to go all out, bringing you a daily dose of festive Carry On cheer each day on the lead up to the 25th. 

So every day I will bring you another cracking Carry On photo with a festive theme. They will probably all be rather naughty, but hopefully all quite nice.

Here's a photo of Sid James the department store Santa Claus from the 1973 Carry On Christmas special for Thames Television. Sid is marvellous in this episode, the anchor who holds all the comedy strings together. He makes an excellent, if slightly dodgy Santa and his banter with store boss Kenneth Connor is a joy throughout.

Sid milks every single situation to the maximum - you wouldn't think it possible to get so many laughs eating a sausage sandwich. There is also quite a poignant little moment when Sid introduces the ballet sequence - he opens up a music box and he plays the scene beautifully. What a legend!

What a Carry On at Christmas! 

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