Sunday 24 December 2017

Carry On Blogging Christmas Advent: Christmas Eve!

And so once again Christmas Eve is upon us. This month I've been bringing you a different festive Carry On Christmas image every day to spread a little cheer. And Christmas Eve is a very special day and time to bring all the family together.

As seen above. Well, their not any ordinary family. It's a scene from the brilliant 1973 Carry On Christmas special for Thames Television. Sadly it was the last special the gang would make for Christmas, but they went out on a high. Talbot Rothwell crafted 50 minutes of absolute innuendo-laden pleasure with Sid James as a department store Santa as the central figure bringing it all together.

This Stone Age scene above is from the first sketch and Talbot beautifully recycles some of his prime gags from the 1964 film Carry On Cleo. Joining in the fun are, from left to right, Kenneth Connor, Barbara Windsor, Bernard Bresslaw, Sid James and Joan Sims. 

What a Carry On at Christmas!  

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