Friday 29 December 2017

Stanley Baxter's Musical World on BBC Radio 2

With thanks to @FutureUrban on Twitter for alerting me to this one. I have always loved the comic actor Stanley Baxter and not just for his long friendship with one of my comedy heroes, Kenneth Williams. A hugely successful performer in his own right, Stanley has had a very long and diverse career on stage, television, film and radio. 

In the two part series, Stanley Baxter's Musical World, Paddy O'Connell meets Stanley, the renowned, award-winning Scottish actor and impressionist, known for his highly popular British television comedy shows.

Stanley shares a selection of his favourite music from across the years and around the world including Hollywood Classics, Broadway Blockbusters, Light Classical Favourites and Swinging Standards.

The programme was, I think, first broadcast last year. The first part is available to listen again here

I'm so pleased Stanley is still going strong at the grand old age of 91. As a fellow Scot I'll always love his work and as an extra aside, apparently Stanley was at the same school as my Gran during the war and used to be told off for impersonating the teachers! As with many very talented individuals, he was told he would never amount to anything...I wonder what happened there?

And if you are interested in reading more, here's my blog on Stanley's friendship with Kenneth Williams: Carry On Blogging: Kenneth and Stanley

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