Tuesday 12 December 2017

Carrying On this Boxing Day on ITV3!

If you've been following the blog over the past few days you'll know I've been blogging details of when Carry Ons are appearing in the Christmas television schedules and fortunately this year there's plenty to view! I've already blogged about the Carry On films on ITV3 on Christmas Day and the Anglo-Amalgamated Carry Ons on Channel 4 next week and now it's over to Boxing Day back on ITV3. 

Here's the schedule: 

9.30am - Carry On At Your Convenience (1971)

The first Carry On to fail at the box office, this one is now hailed as a classic of its kind. Tackling the thorny issue of trade unions put off the films' core audience when the film was released but Convenience is arguably the purest Carry On of them all. A wonderful prime cast of favourites headed by Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Joan Sims, Bernard Bresslaw, Hattie Jacques and Charles Hawtrey and a bigger than usual supporting turn from fan favourite Patsy Rowlands make this toilet factory farce hard to resist! Throw in a memorable trip to Brighton and you're all set for a joyous lesson in labour relations!

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11.25am - Carry On Matron (1972)

The next film in the series, made in the Autumn of '71 and released the following year, Matron was the ultimate tribute to Hattie Jacques' legendary Carry On character and the last medical film in the run. This maternity hospital comedy is a trip down the oh so familiar wards one last time coupled with a bit of a Carry On tribute to the wonderful 1950s crime caper, Too Many Crooks. Sid James and his gang (Kenneth Cope, Bernard Bresslaw and Bill Maynard) are intent on stealing birth control pills from a hospital staffed by Hattie Jacques, Kenneth Williams, Terry Scott and Charles Hawtrey. What could go wrong?

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13.15pm - Carry On Abroad (1972)

Continuing on in chronological order is this classic, one of my all time favourites and a film many would argue is the last truly great Carry On in the series. The gang take on the fashionable 70s trend for foreign package holidays and there is much rich comedy and farcical situations to be found in sending the great bunch of British eccentrics ever to take to the silver screen! Sid James and Joan Sims are the best pub landlords in comedy film history and Kenneth Williams excels as a rather posh, frustrated package holiday tour guide. A lovely supporting cast includes Bernard Bresslaw, June Whitfield, Kenneth Connor, Carol Hawkins, Jimmy Logan and Gail Grainger while Peter Butterworth and Hattie Jacques are the best as the Spanish hosts! Sadly this film also marked Charles Hawtrey's last Carry On and indeed his last ever film role.

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15.05pm - Carry On Girls (1973)

So bad it's almost brilliant, this has beauty contest comedy has never been one of my favourites and is the first Carry On not to feature either Kenneth Williams or Charles Hawtrey. Sid James plays a rather dubious local councillor who attempts to cheer up his dreary seaside town with a controversial beauty contest. High spots for me are Kenneth Connor's deliciously pitiful little man Mayor and his gloriously awful, put upon wife played by the always good value Patsy Rowlands. Joan Hickson also puts in a gem of a supporting role as Mrs Dukes, despite limited screen time and I can't go any further without mentioning June Whitfield as the superbly named feminist Augusta Prodworthy! However Joan Sims is given a woefully underwritten role and turns up for a middle aged nag-a-thon while there is far too much Barbara Windsor and Jack Douglas for my liking.

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16.55pm -  Carry On Forever Documentary - all three parts (2015)

A real treat to end the day. I loved this three part documentary first broadcast on ITV3 two years ago. Narrated by Martin Clunes, it tells the story of our favourite series of comedy films from the very beginning, going through the series in chronological order (although missing out the likes of Again Doctor and Behind for some reason!) There are plenty of wonderful interviewees including Liz Fraser, Amanda Barrie, Sally Geeson, June Whitfield, Fenella Fielding, Patrick Mower, Margaret Nolan and Rosalind Knight. My two favourite sequences see Carry On Jack stars Juliet Mills and Bernard Cribbins reunite for the first time since they made the film in 1963 and contributions from the sons of Peter Butterworth, Kenneth Connor and Bernard Bresslaw. If you've not seen it before, do not miss this and I think it's always worth another viewing even if you saw it first time round.

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