Wednesday 5 August 2015

Carry On Fan of the Week: Sarah!

It's time for another Carry On Fan of the Week! This week Sarah is filling us in on her favourite Carry On film, and why she loves the likes of Hattie Jacques, Charles Hawtrey and Esma Cannon! Over to Sarah...

First Carry on Film You Ever Saw:
I honestly can't remember a time before I knew about Carry on films.  They have just always been there! That is one of the wonderful things about growing up in Britain.

Who is your favourite Carry On actor and why:
Charles Hawtrey, I think.  He always put such gusto into his roles.  And he had a brilliant film pedigree too, having appeared in Will Hay films in the 1930s and in classics such as Passport to Pimlico and A Canterbury Tale.

Who is your favourite Carry On actress and why:
Hattie Jacques.  She was often given the role of the scary old tartar, but she always put a little vulnerability into the role and showed a human side to the character.

Who is your favourite Carry On supporting actor:
Esma Cannon.  Especially in Carry On Cruising.  I wish I could go through life with that level of cheery dizziness!

Have you ever visited any Carry On Locations:
Growing up and living in the north, I've not had much opportunity to do this ... Buckinghamshire is a foreign country to me! But I was once sent to a conference in Brighton and I made a point of sitting on the pier and trying to visualise those scenes in Carry on at Your Convenience.

Have you ever met any Carry On actors:
No I haven't - and if I did I would probably turn into a gibbering wreck and make a complete fool of myself!

Do you have any Carry On memorabilia:
No.  But I have several of the films on vhs tapes - almost antiques now!

What is your all time favourite Carry on film:
Carry on Cleo.  The casting of Kenneth Williams as Julius Caesar was absolute genius - possibly his best ever role.

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