Monday 17 August 2015

Carry On You Stupid Boy....

Here is the first ever guest blog for Carry On Blogging! In this terrific piece, Jon talks about all the interesting links between two British comedy classics - the Carry On films and that wonderful BBC comedy series, Dad's Army. 

One great comedy TV series (Dad's Army), one great comedy film series (Carry Ons).... and a significant amount of crossover.

Did you know that most of the privates in Dad's Army appeared in the Carry Ons...... Ian Lavender in Carry On Behind, Arnold Ridley in Carry On Girls and James Beck in Carry On Loving although his scene was unfortunately cut. Larry Martyn who took the role of Walker in the radio series also had two appearances in the Carry Ons At Your Convenience and Behind.

There was three parts for ARP warden Hodges with Bill Pertwee in Carry On Loving, At Your Convenience (Cut) and Girls.

Not to mention the brilliant supporting cast Wendy Richard (Matron & Girls) as Pte Walker's girlfriend, Liz Fraser (4 x Carry Ons) taking over from Janet Davies in the Dad's Army film as Mrs Pike and  Brenda Cowling (Girls & Behind) as Pte Godfrey's friend.

There was also a personal connection with Sergeant Wilson aka John Le Mesurier being married to Hattie Jacques for a number of years.

Several prominent members of the Carry On team can be found absent without leave with Barbara Windsor appearing in one of the first episodes Shooting Stars and Peter Butterworth playing the printer in the episode 'Face on the Poster'.

Other actors and actresses appearing in both series include....

Are You Being Served's Frank Thornton appearing in Screaming and an episode of the radio series. Anthony Sagar appearing in a number of Carry Ons and several times as different characters in Dad's Army.

And.... Hilda Fenemore, Ronnie Brady, Pat Coombs, David Davenport, Sally Douglas, Fred Griffiths, Geoffrey Hughes, Penny Irving, Stanley McGeagh, Norman Mitchell, Julian Orchard.....

Not to forget there is a new Dad's Army film scheduled for release next year with Ian Lavender already appearing in a cameo role and who knows who else with Carry On connections will show up.........

Stop press the new Dad's Army film trailer is due to be released 12/08/15 at 7.30pm on Facebook.

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