Saturday 22 August 2015

Carry On Up The Fringe!

Earlier this week regular Carry On Blogging reader Jon contributed a terrific guest blog on all the connections between the Carry Ons and the brilliant television comedy, Dad's Army. You can read his blog here . Today Jon has sent in a great piece about his recent trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival...

After 36 hours at the Edinburgh Fringe and seven shows I thought it would be useful to report back on the Carry On related shows.....

On Hello! First stop was the Charles Hawtrey biopic with Jamie Rees. The show was fantastic and powerful. Jamie's portrayal of Hawtrey was great. The chronology was set by the Carry Ons starting with Regardless. There were plenty of references to Charlies' co-stars Joan Sims, Sid James and Kenneth Williams.

The only niggling inconsistency was there seemed to mix up a scene in Jack and Spying.

The show was sold out (and getting great reviews) for the rest of the festival but the venue release a few tickets two hours before the performance and I managed to get one!

Hancock. Next up was the rerecording of two Hancock episodes.... One around a holiday and one around new years resolutions. There are actually four episodes that are being rerecorded the other two episodes are performed on alternate days. The performances were good particularly the actor playing Kenneth williams. Kevin McNally pulls off Tony Hancock well after the first set of rerecordings last year. The Sid James actor did not have too much to do.

Other Carry On related shows at the Fringe that I did not get the chance to see...

The Man Called Monkhouse - a Bob Monkhouse biopic
Don't tell him pike 2- a talk by Ian Lavender on his career
Nicholas Parsons Happy Hour

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